Hottest Places to Have Sex that are Naughty, Risky & Adrenalin Racing

It was a myth that sex is only for the bedroom, but you can enjoy it anywhere. When we do regular sex in the bedroom, then it becomes a little boring. This is why we are here with a list of some hottest places where you can have sex can be a great way to reignite your sex life. If you want to know about such best places where you can enjoy sexual intimacy, then read this post till the end and don’t miss anything given in this post to have a great sex life.

The hottest, sexiest, and best places to have sex

  1. On the Dining table

Doing sex outside the bedroom is pleasurable and memorable, so if you want to expand your sexual repertoire by moving things outside the bedroom, you can try sex on the dining table to get hot and heavy. The dining table is one of the best places for sex, where you can try different positions.

2. In the hallway and on the stairs

Make your sexual intimacy wilder and more pleasurable by doing it in the hallway or on the stairs. You both can get kinky in the corridor or hot and heavy in the hall. Doing sex in the corridor or stairs will give you more access to explore each other and enjoy different sex positions. 

3. In the Shower

Bathroom or Shower is one of the best places to have sexual fun with your partner. Many people like to get sexually intimate in the bathroom while showering. It’s hot, steamy, wet, and slippery—what’s not to love? When you take a romantic and relaxing bath with your partner, then it will help you have more pleasure than bedroom sex.

4. On the couch

You can also try a soft, comfortable, and covered couch to get sexually intimate with your partner. With a sofa, you can try lots of sex positions comfortably. Besides this, while having sex on a couch, you can watch porn videos on your TV to feel extra kinky.

5. In the garden shed

Why not try sexual things at the bottom of the garden? If you want to add more pleasure to your sexual intimacy or spice it up, try it on the garden shed. Feel the scent of soil and wood and enjoy your sexual intimacy with your partner.

6. On a kitchen counter

Doing sex in the kitchen counter can be extremely hot and intense. You can get intimate with your partner while cooking in the kitchen to add more thrill to your sexual intimacy. Remember: ensure you haven’t left anything breakable or sharp on the side of the kitchen counter before you begin.

7. In a swimming pool

If you have a personal swimming pool, you can take advantage of it by doing swimming pool sex. It can be both romantic and super-hot simultaneously, so we suggest you take the experience of this outdoor sex once. 

8. On the hood of your car

If you love to watch porn videos, you must be familiar with car sex. Are we right? If yes! Then you can also try it with your partner to spice up your sexual intimacy. Just do it like movies and porn videos to get kinky on the hood of your car. Remember: Ensure that you have parked somewhere quiet and secluded first.

9. On the roof

Do you want to make your sexual intimacy more romantic and memorable? If yes! Then why not try it on the roof? You can enjoy your sexual intimacy on the rooftop, watching the stars.


  1. So, friends, it’s time to get out of the bedroom and spice up your sex life by doing it in these 9 places. Whether you want to spice up your sex life by doing it in the bedroom or any outside place, hire a Ranchi escort. If you liked this article, share it with others, and don’t forget to leave your comment in the comment box.


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